Imagine yourself in a geographical distributed, multi team organization structure. Ok, that isn’t very difficult to imagine since we have that at PagerDuty. When you have a organization structure where you are on-call for code that you ship to production, it means there are many, many people on-call at a given time. Often, you will just want to know who is on-call so that you can ask a question without interupting the entire team, typically the on-call is a point person for interupts.

We heavily use ChatOps at PagerDuty and now we are happy to share one small win that we like to use within our team. My guess is that you will use a chat collaboration tool, like Slack as well. It is a very natural fit to automatically update the Slack topic with information from PagerDuty.

Example Screenshot

With an AWS Lambda function, we can easily pull data from the PagerDuty API and then post data to the Slack API. In leu of re-explaining all the technical details of this implementation, I encourage reading the README

I am especially happy to open source our small win. There are a few additions that I know would be useful, like HipChat support. I encourage and welcome future contributions to make this Lambda function better.

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